Why is DJ Lighting is important?

Great lighting can set the mood for the event. Using a nice “wash” effect such as the one pictured above – can make the whole room rich with color.

Or using an “effect” light can really uplift the whole dance floor.

Two Types of Lighting

There are mainly two types of DMX Lighting

  1. Incandescent

  2. LED

Incandescent lighting is the classic “screw in a lightbulb” type of light. These lights are what started the whole industry of lighting. However, with advancements in technology these lights do not have the same capabilities as LED bulbs.

In comparison, LED bulbs can change color, emit less heat, and require significantly less energy to work. Oh also – they cost a lot less and have a much longer life than old-school incandescent bulbs.

Two Types of Lighting Effects

  1. Wash Lighting

Wash lighting is a general lighting effect where a broad beam of light covers a stage or wall. This light can also be called a “flood light”. Below is an example of a standard wash light – called the LED Par Light.




2. Effect Lighting

The second type of major DJ light is the popular Effect Lighting. These lights are mainly used for dance floor settings to engage the crowd with the music.

Effect lights project different shapes, colors, and patterns. Unlike wash lights, these lights are more dynamic and interact with the music.

Below is an example of a standard effect light used by many mobile disc jockey professionals.



The DMX Setup Simplified

Heres the lowdown on a DMX Setup that can be used for a big festival or a small bar-mitzvah. The below setup is simplified and portable for mobile entertainment professionals.

First lets go over the high-level overview. Then we will explain each component.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 1.18.38 AM

Heres a terribly drawn – but accurate DMX Setup. If you are saying to yourself “Thats it?”. The answer is – “Yes this is all you need to control lights via DMX”.  The key to remember is DMX is just the wiring which is going to connect the light to the controller on your PC.

So what is in the setup exactly?

1. Lighting Fixture

Based on the light that you want to control you will need to plug in a DMX cable into the “DMX In” port.

2. DMX USB Interface

The usb interface is basically the middleman between your laptop and the lighting fixture. This interface is a small box into which you will plug the DMX cable into. The output of the interface will be a usb cable (which plugs into your PC).

The usb interface we suggest to use is called: Enttec Open DMX Interface. This is a standard DMX box that is reliable and simple to use.

3. DMX Controlling Software (on your PC)

In order to control the lights you will need a software on your PC. The program that we suggest to use is QLC+. This software is free to use and is compatible with the Enttec Open DMX Interface.

Plugging in the usb cable from the USB interface into your laptop will activate QLC+ configuration. From here you can choose the specific lights you have and begin the show.


Hope this helped you and if you would like more information about how to put on a great light show as a Mobile professional – check out our class on DMX Lighting.


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