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Our Team

DJ Shri

DJ Shri is a marketing and music coach who teaches small business owners how to break through noise and build successful local businesses. After being a professional disc jockey business owner for over a decade, Shri has played music entertained thousands but has made even more as a full-time mobile DJ.
Today, he teaches students worldwide how to create their own business. Shri has founded Mobile Dj Tips. An online resource for DJs worldwide to get all of the skills they need to Mix, Market, and Make careers with the music talent they have.
Shri is also the host of the popular iTunes Podcast – Mobile DJ Tips. Every week Shri sits down with influential disc jockeys from around the world to share marketing, music, and business knowledge for service based businesses. Previous guests include Oprah’s Disc Jockey, and other influential figures in Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.


Himanshu, better known as “Shu” at the office, is the Bruce Lee of our whole community. His expertise in Information and Technology helps make sure we have a great online platform to share our message. Shu has created all of the important infrastructure so we can host DJ classes worldwide! He also does all of our graphic design for our website and podcast!

DJ Vivek

DJ Vivek handles our day to day operations and makes sure we can keep our community open to DJs everywhere. He assists in our private Facebook Group by answering questions and giving guidance. Vivek also posts daily to our amazing Instagram community with original pictures – guaranteed to make any DJ laugh!


Panos is our Podcast Audio Engineer. Having worked in multiple recording studios, today he is the leader of AudioDrone Studios. Panos makes sure our iTunes Podcast is of the highest quality for the amazing DJs that listen to the show.

Dan Curry

Dan has been a lighting and DMX specialist in the Seattle area for years. He has done light shows for major festivals including “Mountain Jam” and “Taste of Country”. He currently teaches the DMX Lighting course here at Mobile DJ Tips!


Muhammad focuses on our community outreach. Having worked with multiple international companies, he makes sure our content and resources can be reached to DJs worldwide!