DMX Lighting Shortcuts

Take Your Gigs to the Next Level by Giving a
Visual Show to Match Your Musical Experience. 

Taught by Our Lighting Expert- Dan Curry 

The Mobile DJ Method to DMX Lights

Our classes are tailored for DJs to use in private events, and teach only the relevant and useful topics to take your business to the next level. We have classes that cover:

  • Different types of lights and their uses 
  • Setting moods with uplighting and files  
  • Elevating the energy with lighting effects 
  • Programming the lights - How to run the show by yourself! 
  • Tips and tricks for lighting a different location each night 

The Basics

Our classes are designed for DJs.  Our teachers haven’t just spent years as lighting technicians, they’re DJs too.  That means we’ve cut out unnecessary information to offer you exactly what you need to know without wasting your time.  No other classes cover DMX lighting for the disc jockey professional.

Professionalism & Experience

Dan Curry has been working as a lighting and visual professional for over five years, for numerous music festivals and private events. His expertise in lighting allowed him to create a simplified curriculum that covers everything a DJ needs to know!

Good Music Needs Good Lighting 

Clients expect more, more, and more for their money.  Being able to bring your own lighting will set you apart, which means more gigs.. This course will teach you the essentials to get you started with booking lighting packages.

Use the Lights You Already Own! 

There’s a massive variety of lights available today.  This course doesn’t just show the simplest kinds of lights, we’ll teach you how to understand the equipment you already own to start putting on great light shows for the dance floor.

  • 3 Included Bonuses for all Lighting Students: 
  • #1 - The TroubleShooting Guide: Print it out and bring it with you to Gigs. 
  • #2 - 1 hour consultation with Dan Curry to review your specific lights and answer any questions you have! 
  • #3- Lifetime support via our community and instructors. 

Video 1: Intro to Lighting Software

Here’s the ground floor.  You’ll learn what hardware you run the whole show by yourself, and how to use it.  We will walk you through the exact steps to set up your lights so you can control them from your laptop.

Video 2: Intro to QLC + 

QLC+ [] is a free lighting program that is compatible with all types of DMX Lights.  It offers presets for controlling nearly every light, no extra work required. We’ll get you up and running with a customized control system for your lights.

Video 3: Control! 

This class will teach more advanced methods of controlling your lights than just using your mouse and keyboard to give you the ability to make your lights do exactly what you want, when you want.  This class will also be taught in QLC+

1 Hour Consultation

Included in the program is a 1 hour coaching session with our Lighting Expert.  Dan Curry will help you review your personal equipment to answer any questions you may have and help come up think of creative ways to package and sell your lighting services!

The Best Customer Support We Have To Offer

As an Mobile DJ Tips student, you have our lifetime support. Any time you have a question, you can always contact us via our Google Plus community or email.

Ready to Take Control of Your Lights?

Let Dan Curry show you how take your gigs to the next level.  Spots are limited.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for whatever reason Mobile DJ Tips™ does not satisfy you in any way, simply cancel your account online within 30 days from purchase and we'll automatically process your refund, no questions asked!