Hi Everyone. This is Shri from Mobile DJ Tips. Before I get into this post I wanted to share some pictures from a recent gig I did at the Riu Caribe Resort in Cancun Mexico.


Below I have laid out all of the steps required to Book Gigs Internationally.

First and Foremost please make sure you have reviewed the following guide that outlines all 7 steps to show you how to book paid events. (See Here)

You must have mastered these steps in order to utilize the information shared below.

We are based in the USA so by international – we mean outside the USA specifically.

Most destination weddings usually take place in Resort hotspots including Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, and Thailand.

The below steps will help you find and land the best Gig of your life.

 Step 1. Make sure your branding and marketing are positioned.

Make sure your website promotes a professional and experienced image. See the Six Steps Guide for more information on this.

Djs that are booked for international gigs must present an image of professionalism and maturity to handle the responsibilities of traveling internationally. (See step 2)

Make sure you have testimonials to back up your reputation.

Step 2. Make sure you are at a level in your career where you are comfortable with the responsibilities that come with DJing internationally.

  • Make arrangements for the following
    1. Passport updated
    2. Flight tickets purchased
    3. Transportation to and From departing airport
    4. Transportation to and From at arriving airport to hotel
    5. Ensure all equipment is ready.
    6. Will you be transporting it?
    7. Renting from local entertainment businesses
    8. See here for equipment essentials that I recommend. Most rental companies will carry most of these products.

Step 3: Contact destination wedding planners and event planners.

See below for how I would do it:

Step 1: Research local event coordinators, disc jockey businesses, wedding planners, resorts.



Contact each of these planners and schedule time to discuss business partnership.

A conversation should go something like this if you speak with “Event Coordinators”:

Me: “Hi my name is ____ and I provide DJ services in America. I would like to get more information about your business.”

Event Coordinator: Sure. What can I help you with?

Me: I would like to inquire about

  1. which venues you have worked at
  2. which services you specifically offer

Event Coordinator: (Will respond with breakdown of services etc., packages)

Me: Ok that sounds great. I will keep your contact information to recommend your services to my clients.

Event Coordinator (most of the time): Sure. Can you give us your business info as well?

Me (if they do not ask) : Can you also take my business information if anyone needs a Disc Jockey service. I specialize in (blank) music and have a lot of experience doing these events.


Most of the time I also include the potential for referral commission for the event planners. This is usually the best incentive. 

If you are contacting : Local Disc Jockeys



I would contact local disc jockey businesses to see if they have any need for an American DJ that is good at (blank) events.

A conversation with a disc Jockey business should go like this:


Me: “Hi my name is ____ and I provide DJ services in America. I would like to get more information about your business.”
Local DJ: Okay. We provide so and so services. We have worked at these popular resorts in the area. We are the big shots in town.
Me: That sounds great. I would like to see if you have any need for a DJ that specializes in (blank) events.

(I specialized in Bollywood music and had many indian weddings under my belt)

Local DJ (most of the time): We have gotten requests for a (blank) DJ. But we do not have anyone on our team that can do those parties. We mainly focus on the local music here.
Me: Okay. Let me tell you about myself and send you my website for my portfolio.


Step 4: After you find an event. Get in touch with Local Audio/Visual Rentals:



Coordinate with these companies and see what their rates are for the equipment you need.



Important things to keep in mind:


  • These techniques will work better once you have an online portofolio of testimonials and gallery established.
  • Remember you are going to speaking with people in a different country.
  • Adapt your “sales” technique to match the people who answer the phone.
  • Make sure you present yourself as a “easy to work with” dj professional .
  • Reread section 2 of the responsibilities to make sure you are covered from a administrative standpoint.


Good luck and happy DJing.