Author: Adam Saber

Whether you have been in the industry for over a decade or you are brand new to this amazing career path, showcasing your business is not just for the clients but also for the other vendors in this industry, especially the banquet hall!


So you pull up to the venue and you wonder what kind of banquet hall team you’ll be working with today.  Maybe the venue will roll out the red carpet and will play as a team. Maybe you’ll be hit in the face with the litany of “house rules” because the hall had negative experiences in the past and is assuming we’re all the same. Depending on what you face, you have to let it roll off your back and get to what you do best.


There is a lot we can do to avoid conflict and possibly change any negative pretenses a hall might expect from us. I suggest a pre-entry phone call to the venue. Find out what time you can expect to be allowed in, ask about their load-in policy, ask about who you’re working with and most importantly, find out what they expect from you as a guest vendor in their “house”.


We should treat the banquet halls that we are invited into as though they were our own home or office. We may only be there for a few hours but we can make or break our impression in that short time.   Maybe the last DJ left garbage behind such as food, drinks, dead batteries, paper work, etc. or even started the event off with a poor attitude. Imagine someone coming into your home or office and simply walking around like they owned the place and left their garbage behind for you clean it up.  How would you feel?  You may have sick dance sets and mix like no other but how you treat the employees of that hall will leave the longer lasting mark.


As professionals in this industry, we have the ability to change the way we are viewed by banquet halls and maitre’ds. Arrive with a positive attitude, stay aware of what the hall expects of you and treat the venue as if it were your home. You came to rock an event and want to leave a positive impression on all you encounter at that event, from the guests of honor, their guests and the banquet hall.   The biggest compliment you can get in this industry is the recommendation by a banquet hall to their future clients. Positivity and respect, along with your talent on the dance floor, can help you earn that!