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We are Caleb and Charlee Stoner, the husband and wife duo behind Generation Y Entertainment. GYE is a modern, boutique-style DJ company based in Jacksonville, FL that specializes in hosting authentic weddings for fun loving couples. We support the covenant of marriage, thoughtfully curating the reception experience for each of our couples so that they can focus on cultivating their marriage.

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3004, 2017

Kiss them with Kindness

Author: Caleb and Charlee Stoner What I plan to talk about in this blog; Charlee and I are not even close to perfecting but as learned in the book "The Compound Effect" by Darren Hardy, small, smart choices, plus consistency, plus time, equal a radical difference in ones life. Kiss them with kindness originates from "kill them with kindness" which is something my

1309, 2016

#11: Business and Relationships: Music and Love with DJ Caleb and Charlee Stoner

Power Couples. What are they really? Is it when two people do the same business together...Or is it when two people support each other in whatever the other one does! This week we share a DJ Power couple - Charlie and Caleb Stoner from Generation Y Entertainment. They share their take on managing a business and a happy marriage. One Key Takeaway:

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