Author: Joe Bunn

I’ve often been asked how I opened three other Bunn DJ Company offices (in addition to mine) and I feel like this is a good platform to share a little insight on how I went about that. Currently, Bunn DJ Company operates in Raleigh, NC (my office), Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC and Richmond, VA.

Let me give you a little bit of backstory on how these other offices even came about. About three years ago, one of my DJs, David Fox, approached me one day and said, “Joe, I really hate my job (as an environmental lawyer), I want to do what you do.”

Of course I was like, “Whoa buddy! Not in this town!” He laughed and asked where I thought he should go. At the time he was single and had no kids, so he could pretty much up and move anywhere. I immediately blurted out Charleston, SC!

Not only is it an awesome city (go if you ever take a break), but it’s one of the leading destination wedding locations in the United States. No brainer!

Well he did it and since day one has been crushing it down there.

About a year after, another one of my DJs, Brandon Alley, approached me. He was employed as a wallpaper designer (if that doesn’t sound terrible, I don’t know what does). He was ready to make a move. He asked about taking the western part of NC since :

A) He wanted to move back there and be near his family

B) We didn’t really go that far anyway.

Of course I said yes! Within a few months, we had inked the deal and Bunn DJ Company of Charlotte, NC was born.

And finally, our Richmond, VA office. Frank Guertler worked for me here in Raleigh about ten years ago. We have kept in touch and mainly seen each other each year at Mobile Beat Las Vegas.

I asked him just over a year ago what he was up to. He was coming off a trip travelling the world and really didn’t want to get back into construction. I knew right away he was the perfect candidate for our next office.

Let me mention a few things. First, I wouldn’t really consider these offices “franchises”. They are operating under a licensing agreement that I had created by an attorney. True franchise paperwork (from what I researched) will run you anywhere from $25,000-$50,000. I wasn’t ready to spend that when I started this idea. In addition, if you notice, all of these DJs worked for me, were trained by me and knew the “Bunn DJ Company” way. If someone totally random approached me out of the blue about wanting to open a Bunn DJ Company in their city, I would be open to it, but I would go at it a bit differently.

The beauty of the way that I set this up is that I received a nice sum of money from each of them (which I broke up into payments for them over a year), and then I also receive a small percentage of their gross sales each month. In turn, they got a lifetime of knowledge about the DJ business (I literally wrote a book for them), our established website and SEO, and all of the reviews that came with being in the Bunn DJ Company family. The amount of time and money they saved vs. starting from scratch with or whatever is immense!

So far they are all kicking butt in their perspective markets. About twice a year, I head to their offices and we meet a few vendors, do some DJ training, talk sales and marketing, and just keep on making them even better. I’m super proud of them and this concept. I hope we eventually open a few more Bunn DJ Companies!