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Our Mission

Welcome to the Mobile DJ Tips Community. To date, we have helped 1,000s of DJs through our free itunes Podcast and our crash courses in marketing, lighting, and more.

How exactly do we help DJs?

We give the best resources online from writing great guides, to posting instructional youtube videos, to doing a weekly audio podcast on iTunes to give guidance on the three pillars for DJ success: “Music, Marketing, and Self Development”.
We believe that by teaching DJs marketing and techniques to improve themselves we will in turn – create successful careers for DJs.

Why do we care if you are a successful DJ?

We believe a good DJ can change a person’s life (even if we only see them for one night). Great music can create a life time of memories.
When we teach a DJ how to market themselves better, we are giving them the skills to better share their musical talent with the world- and mainly make more people happy!